Floral Supplies

Calling all aspiring florists and green-fingered enthusiasts!

We are here to provide you with all the necessary Floral Supplies you need to begin or expand your floristry repertoire.

We understand that the world of floristry can seem overwhelming with a multitude of products available and suggested best practices. So we have created a comprehensive collection of easy-to-use Florist Craft Supplies comprising of our essential products such as Floral Foam, Floral Containers, Floristry Tape, Floristry Wire, Floral Tools, and our FLORALIFE® flower care.

We also have varied collection of Floral Crafts to add the perfect finishing touch to your floral masterpiece. Our range includes a beautiful array of Floral Stands, Floral Ribbons, Floral Pins, Flower Packaging, Floral Accessories, Florist Sprays, Florist Message Cards,  and our celebratory collection of Wedding Floral Supplies, allowing your floral imagination to see no bounds!

Shop our full collection of Floral Supplies, or for more information on any of our Floral Supplies products, talk to one of our lovely team today.

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  1. Iquitos Pot - 15cm
    Iquitos Pot - 15cm
    Special Price £3.10 Regular Price £8.99
    Out of stock
  2. Iquitos Pot - 12cm
    Iquitos Pot - 12cm
    Special Price £2.07 Regular Price £5.99
  3. Bouquet Stand - 60cm
    Bouquet Stand - 60cm
  4. Bouquet Stand - 36cm
    Bouquet Stand - 36cm
  5. Holly Berries - Red
    Holly Berries - Red
  6. Lady Stand - 100cm
    Lady Stand - 100cm
  7. Candle Holder
    Candle Holder
    Prices from £3.75
  8. Wrap Wristlet
    Wrap Wristlet
    Prices from £15.97
  9. Corsage Clips
    Corsage Clips
    Prices from £15.12
  10. Bouquet Stand
    Bouquet Stand
    Prices from £227.83
  11. Carrizo Wreath
    Carrizo Wreath
    Prices from £11.35
  12. Aral-Bottle-Vase
    Prices from £16.21
  13. Vostok Wreath
    Vostok Wreath
    Prices from £6.10
  14. Canyon Cork Tree
    Canyon Cork Tree
    Prices from £7.75
  15. Tree Line Pot
    Tree Line Pot
    Prices from £3.30
  16. Arwen Elf Pot
    Arwen Elf Pot
    Prices from £2.53
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