Floral & Craft

Looking to delve into the world of floral craft?

Here you will find everything you need to bring your crafty creations to life!

From handy tools to essential wires and everything in between, including Floral Foam and on-trend containers.

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  1. Allium Glass Votive
    Allium Glass Votive
    Prices from £1.72
  2. Winter Chill Wreath
    Winter Chill Wreath
    Prices from £13.80
  3. Iskar Bottle
    Iskar Bottle
    Prices from £4.96
  4. Birch 3 Tier Stand
    Birch 3 Tier Stand
    Prices from £33.00
  5. Oku Candleholder
    Oku Candleholder
    Prices from £5.10
  6. Kivu Wood Slice
    Kivu Wood Slice
    Prices from £3.51
  7. Jingle Pot (Lined)
    Jingle Pot (Lined)
    Prices from £4.00
  8. Amour Heart Pot
    Amour Heart Pot
    Prices from £4.04
  9. Charlotte Vase
    Charlotte Vase
    Prices from £5.04
  10. Mia Lined Shopper
    Mia Lined Shopper
    Prices from £26.57
  11. Avery Pot
    Avery Pot
    Prices from £5.40
  12. Rainbow Pot
    Rainbow Pot
    Prices from £5.40
  13. Sophia Pot
    Sophia Pot
    Prices from £5.40
  14. Layla Lined Pot
    Layla Lined Pot
    Prices from £4.12

Items 61-90 of 909

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