Floral Pins

Our collection of Floral Pins and picks is perfect for keeping your dried or fresh flower arrangements in place and providing attractive additions to all your DIY floral designs. Find our Flower Arrangement Pins in various materials, from steel, for larger flower displays, to bamboo pins for those looking for an eco-friendlier Flower Arranging Pin. What’s more, you can add a touch of interest and glam to your floral arrangements with our selection of pearl, diamante, and seasonal pins!

Explore our collection of Floral Accessories to enhance your floral designs. Alternatively, discover our full collection of Floral Supplies for Floral Tools to our FLORALIFE® Flower Care and beyond.

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  1. Candle Holder
    Candle Holder
    Prices from £3.75
  2. Bamboo Pins - 10.5cm
    Bamboo Pins - 10.5cm
  3. Mossing Pins
    Mossing Pins
    Prices from £8.17
  4. Sparkler Pins
    Sparkler Pins
    Prices from £2.38
  5. Diamante Pins
    Diamante Pins
    Prices from £3.40
  6. Steel Pins
    Steel Pins
    Prices from £17.64
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