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Pantone Colour of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta

Part of the red family and representing 'strength' and 'power', we welcome Viva Magenta with open arms as 2023’s colour of the year! It is bold, warm and encouraging the new.  

Because Viva Magenta is such a strong and vibrant colour, it makes the perfect statement piece. Here, we have included pieces in our range that represent Viva Magenta, including floral boxes, ribbons, glassware, pots, florist paper, and more, in a range of gorgeous burgundy, dark pink and red tones. Team with a collection of neutral flowers and foliage for a truly stunning display.

Alternatively, go with bold and bright red and pink flowers and keep your floral container neutral. We have included inspiration for both options!

Explore our full collection of seasonal floral supplies for a variety of grey lilac, grey sand and pale khaki coloured and toned floral supplies to perfectly contrast with the fabulously fierce colour of the year, Viva Magenta! 

Browse our Viva Magenta range and enjoy creating your own style. Take a look at our blog for seasonal floral arrangement inspiration, as well as handy tips and advice.

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  1. Handtied Porto Bags
    Handtied Porto Bags
    Prices from £12.96
  2. Jute Fibre Runner
    Jute Fibre Runner
    Prices from £7.24
  3. Knitted Lined Bag
    Knitted Lined Bag
    Prices from £1.86
  4. Flumet Vase
    Flumet Vase
    Prices from £8.79
  5. Stowe Pot
    Stowe Pot
    Prices from £3.72
  6. Pico Vase
    Pico Vase
    Prices from £3.92
  7. Velour Envelope Box
    Velour Envelope Box
    Prices from £3.94
  8. Hessian Film Roll
    Hessian Film Roll
    Prices from £32.55
  9. Frosted Film Roll
    Frosted Film Roll
    Prices from £30.00
  10. Kraft Paper Roll
    Kraft Paper Roll
    Prices from £25.91
  11. Porto Vase Matt
    Porto Vase Matt
    Prices from £30.00
  12. Jute Fibre Wrap
    Jute Fibre Wrap
    Prices from £15.60
  13. Hessian Lined Bag
    Hessian Lined Bag
    Prices from £2.24
  14. Faith Jute Bag
    Faith Jute Bag
    Prices from £7.81
  15. Valmorel Vase
    Valmorel Vase
    Prices from £12.50
  16. Camila Bottle Vase
    Camila Bottle Vase
    Prices from £1.64
  17. Elena Vase
    Elena Vase
    Prices from £4.14
  18. Vesuvius Vase
    Vesuvius Vase
    Prices from £9.16
  19. Raffia
    Prices from £6.30
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