Floristry Tools

Floral Tools are essential for any aspiring florist, those who have chosen flower arranging as a hobby or for the more seasoned arrangers. We understand what tools are needed to help make flower arranging an easy and enjoyable experience, that is why our Floral Tools arm you with high quality Flower Arranging Equipment at affordable prices. Our wide range of Florist Equipment includes florist starter kits and tool boxes, quality Flower Scissors, bouquet stands, stem strippers, wire cutters, OASIS® Penknives, pruners, trimmers and much more!

For more information on the best floristry tools for beginners, contact our friendly team, otherwise, head to Floral Supplies for our full collection.

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  1. Staples - Pack of 5000
    Staples - Pack of 5000
  2. Bouquet Stand - 60cm
    Bouquet Stand - 60cm
  3. Bouquet Stand - 36cm
    Bouquet Stand - 36cm
  4. Glue Gun
    Glue Gun
    Prices from £27.35
  5. Wrap Wristlet
    Wrap Wristlet
    Prices from £15.97
  6. Bouquet Stand
    Bouquet Stand
    Prices from £227.83
  7. Metal Pinholder
    Metal Pinholder
    Prices from £6.04
  8. Bundle Box - Starter Pack
    Bundle Box - Starter Pack
  9. Refuse Sacks
    Refuse Sacks
    Prices from £1.87
  10. Aluminium Pruner - Pack of 1
    Aluminium Pruner - Pack of 1
  11. Tool Box and Tool Kit
    Tool Box and Tool Kit
    Prices from £47.21
  12. Tape Dispenser - 20cm
    Tape Dispenser - 20cm
  13. Thorn Stripper - Pack of 1
    Thorn Stripper - Pack of 1
  14. Corsage Clips
    Corsage Clips
    Prices from £15.12
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