Floral Glassware

Create simple and sophisticated floral displays or wild and extravagant arrangements with our gorgeous clear and coloured Floral Glassware. Each piece is of the highest quality to ensure your displays and arrangements are sturdy, secure and look fantastic!

Glass Flower Containers are ideal for flower arranging beginners to showcase new skills or for more seasoned floral arrangers to expand their designs with a beautiful instantaneous effect. Discover our popular floral glass fishbowls, our delicate hanging glass spheres or try something new with our contemporary silhouette vase. Flower Glassware is guaranteed to create an attractive display you can enjoy again and again, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, then take a look at our full range of Floral Containers to find the ideal container for your design. Or head to Floral Supplies to find everything you need for your floral crafts.

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  1. Glass Test Tubes
    Glass Test Tubes
    Prices from £7.56
  2. Aral-Bottle-Vase
    Prices from £16.21
  3. Courcheval Vase
    Courcheval Vase
    Prices from £15.25
  4. Tyrol Vase
    Tyrol Vase
    Prices from £1.25
  5. Albiez Vase
    Albiez Vase
    Prices from £13.50
  6. Corbier Vase
    Corbier Vase
    Prices from £13.28
  7. Elk Vase
    Elk Vase
    Prices from £5.02
  8. Allium Glass Votive
    Allium Glass Votive
    Prices from £1.72
  9. Leriel Vase
    Leriel Vase
    Prices from £4.73
  10. Glass Cylinder Vase
    Glass Cylinder Vase
    Prices from £8.66
  11. Waimaru Bottle
    Waimaru Bottle
    Prices from £4.38
  12. Vesubio Vase
    Vesubio Vase
    Prices from £4.05
  13. Marie Candlestick - 33.5cm
    Marie Candlestick - 33.5cm
    Special Price £6.37 Regular Price £18.66
    Out of stock
  14. Glass Milk Bottle
    Glass Milk Bottle
    Prices from £2.43
  15. Crystal Globe
    Crystal Globe
    Prices from £12.70
  16. Hailey Glass Jar
    Hailey Glass Jar
    Prices from £3.94
  17. Levin Vase
    Levin Vase
    Prices from £12.31
  18. Littleton Vase
    Littleton Vase
    Prices from £2.30
  19. Raglan Vase
    Raglan Vase
    Prices from £5.68
  20. Kendall Vase
    Kendall Vase
    Prices from £5.47
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