Wedding Floral Supplies

Gorgeous floral displays and bouquets are an integral part of a wedding celebration as a symbol of new beginnings.

OASIS® Brand Home and Hobby has all the Wedding Floral Supplies you need to utilise your creative prowess and create something truly magical for a memorable day!

Delve into our wide selection of easy-to-use Floral Foam for Weddings to provide a stable and lasting base for beautiful bouquets and displays, or discover our ornate Floral Containers, ideal for simple and sophisticated to elaborate centrepieces and arrangements, as well as a variety of flower boxes, accessories and corsage clips.

Shop our collection of Wedding Flower Supplies to create your own stunning DIY wedding floral arrangement, or head to Floral Supplies for our full collection.

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  1. Carrizo Wreath
    Carrizo Wreath
    Prices from £11.35
  2. Vostok Wreath
    Vostok Wreath
    Prices from £6.10
  3. Innisfail Wreath
    Innisfail Wreath
    Prices from £8.91
  4. Bromley Pot
    Bromley Pot
    Prices from £4.01
  5. Colorado Pot
    Colorado Pot
    Prices from £2.53
  6. Birch 3 Tier Stand
    Birch 3 Tier Stand
    Prices from £33.00
  7. Wrap Wristlet
    Wrap Wristlet
    Prices from £15.97
  8. Corsage Clips
    Corsage Clips
    Prices from £15.12
  9. Mohawk Pot
    Mohawk Pot
    Prices from £4.88
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