Discover our selection of Styropor, an economical choice ideal for creating a blend of artificial flowers and craft arrangements.

Styropor is lightweight, easy to shape and a sturdy base for floral arrangements. Whether you dream of creating a floral and craft feature wall or you would like to design a showstopping hanging display, the versatility of Styropor will help your vision come to life.

Our Styropor collection includes spheres, cones and rings, but if you are looking for a wider range of Floral Foam Shapes for your artificial floral arrangements, take a look at our Dry Floral Foam collection or head to Floral Foam for all fresh, dried and artificial flower foam supplies.

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  1. Styropor Half Ring
    Styropor Half Ring
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  2. Styropor Cone
    Styropor Cone
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