Floristry Wire

Decorative Floristry Wire enables you to add features, style and impact to your floral and gift arrangements. We stock a great range of Floral Decorative Wire - perfect for tying, binding and fixing into place - in a variety of lengths, colours and materials. Our range is made up of metallic wire, diamond sensation wire, rustic grapevine wire, button wire, aluminium wire, myrtle wire and bullion wire - there really is something for every project!

Shop our full collection of decorative Wire for Flower Arranging or discover all of our essential Floral Supplies.

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  1. Bindwire - Green
    Bindwire - Green
  2. Aluminium Wire - Light Gold
    Aluminium Wire - Light Gold
  3. Raised Wire Ring
    Raised Wire Ring
    Prices from £6.28
  4. Wire Hoop Ring
    Wire Hoop Ring
    Prices from £5.42
  5. Bullion Wire Silver- 25g
    Bullion Wire Silver- 25g
  6. Rustic Grapevine Wire
    Rustic Grapevine Wire
    Prices from £15.12
  7. Flat Aluminium Wire
    Flat Aluminium Wire
    Prices from £1.61
  8. Myrtle Wire
    Myrtle Wire
    Prices from £5.67
  9. Bullion Wire Strands
    Bullion Wire Strands
    Prices from £10.26
  10. Button Wire
    Button Wire
    Prices from £1.60
  11. Bindwire
    Prices from £15.12
  12. Mossing Wire on Stick
    Mossing Wire on Stick
    Prices from £10.08
  13. Bullion Wire Gold - 25g
    Bullion Wire Gold - 25g
  14. Aluminium Wire
    Aluminium Wire
    Prices from £3.30
  15. Metallic Wire
    Metallic Wire
    Prices from £5.04
  16. Bullion Wire
    Bullion Wire
    Prices from £2.05
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