Floral Foam Containers

Get the best from your floral foam flower arrangements with our tailored Floral Foam Containers. Part of our core collection, our OASIS® Floral Foam plastic containers are durable, lightweight and waterproof.

They are specifically designed to be reused, allowing you to create beautiful flower arrangements time and time again!

Browse our full collection of Floral Containers or head over to our Floral Supplies to find everything you need for floral foam arrangements.

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  1. Grave Vase Plastic Container
    Grave Vase Plastic Container
  2. Dalton Bowl (Pack of 10)
    Dalton Bowl (Pack of 10)
  3. Deko With String (Pack of 8)
    Deko With String (Pack of 8)
  4. Pinholder (Pack of 100)
    Pinholder (Pack of 100)
  5. Triple Brick Tray
    Triple Brick Tray
    Prices from £19.98
  6. Silver Plastic Vase
    Silver Plastic Vase
    Prices from £10.61
  7. Designer Square Bowl - 22cm - Strong Pink
    Designer Square Bowl - 22cm - Strong Pink
    Special Price £2.22 Regular Price £5.92
  8. Double Brick Tray
    Double Brick Tray
    Prices from £13.97
  9. Bulb Bowl
    Bulb Bowl
    Prices from £8.32
  10. Designer Bowl Round
    Designer Bowl Round
    Prices from £6.25
  11. Single Brick Tray
    Single Brick Tray
    Prices from £17.03
  12. Square/Round Bowl
    Square/Round Bowl
    Prices from £7.56
  13. Pop Bowl
    Pop Bowl
    Prices from £7.26
  14. Designer Bowl Oval
    Designer Bowl Oval
    Prices from £5.36
  15. Flower Bucket
    Flower Bucket
    Prices from £4.01
  16. Junior Bowl
    Junior Bowl
    Prices from £6.86
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