Winter Wedding Decorations

Discover our collection of gorgeous winter wedding decorations and create your own winter wonderland wedding!

Crisp mornings, glistening snow, and the cosy glow of the indoors, a wedding during the winter is full of decorative possibilities.  Plus, embracing DIY wedding decorations offers a personal touch. Our winter wedding supplies include decorative vases, pots and glassware, wooden slices, plinths and stands, floral foam bouquet holders, heart-shaped baskets, and much more!

Shop the collection of winter wedding accessories and decorations, or explore our full range of wedding and events supplies.

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  1. Bouquet Stand
    Bouquet Stand
    Prices from £227.83
  2. Carrizo Wreath
    Carrizo Wreath
    Prices from £11.35
  3. Aral-Bottle-Vase
    Prices from £16.21
  4. Courcheval Vase
    Courcheval Vase
    Prices from £15.25
  5. Tyrol Vase
    Tyrol Vase
    Prices from £1.25
  6. Albiez Vase
    Albiez Vase
    Prices from £13.50
  7. Corbier Vase
    Corbier Vase
    Prices from £13.28
  8. Cherub
    Prices from £4.15
  9. Innisfail Wreath
    Innisfail Wreath
    Prices from £8.91
  10. Mohawk Pot
    Mohawk Pot
    Prices from £4.88
  11. Pico Vase
    Pico Vase
    Prices from £3.92
  12. Bromley Pot
    Bromley Pot
    Prices from £4.01
  13. Magellano Ribbon
    Magellano Ribbon
    Prices from £6.04
  14. Vostok Wreath
    Vostok Wreath
    Prices from £6.10
  15. Lagdo Wooden Plinth
    Lagdo Wooden Plinth
    Prices from £26.20
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