Flower Jugs

Great for adding an element of interest and a fantastic alternative to typical Floral Containers, our collection of flower jugs is ideal for creating both a rustic arrangement and a contemporary design. Milk Churn Flowers are popular for stand-alone floral arrangements, while a Tin Flower Jug creates a beautiful tabletop centrepiece.

Using a Milk Jug for Flowers creates a memorable floral display with real impact. They are fantastic quality, and can be used in a wide variety of flower arrangements and even make attractive ornaments too. Take a look at our Floral Foam to create sturdy and lasting flower jug arrangements or view our full collection of Floral Supplies.

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  1. Matisse Tin Jug - 25cm
    Matisse Tin Jug - 25cm
  2. Riversdale Jug
    Riversdale Jug
    Prices from £18.90
  3. Riley Milk Churn
    Riley Milk Churn
    Prices from £26.04
  4. Mosaic Lined Jug
    Mosaic Lined Jug
    Prices from £9.86
  5. Mosaic Lined Jug - 25cm
    Mosaic Lined Jug - 25cm
  6. Jingle Milk Churn
    Jingle Milk Churn
    Out of stock
  7. Mimosa Milk Churn
    Mimosa Milk Churn
    Prices from £7.40
  8. Elijah Jug
    Elijah Jug
    Prices from £7.50
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