Spring and Easter Floral Supplies

Our Spring and Easter floral supplies embrace the beauty of the bright and blooming season, so you can do what you do best and create beautiful homemade floral arrangements! 

Discover gorgeous floral packaging, decorative containers and floral easter baskets, playful accessories and so much more in a range of soft pastels and vibrant tones.

Choose from our range of DIY flower supplies for Easter and spring today, and enjoy creating your own show-stopping floral display.

Don’t forget to explore our full range of seasonal floral supplies and visit our blog for tips, advice and inspirational ideas to help you master the art of floral arranging.

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  1. Botanical Film Roll - 80cm x 100m
    Botanical Film Roll - 80cm
  2. Matisse Tin Jug - 25cm
    Matisse Tin Jug - 25cm
  3. Daisy Film Roll
    Daisy Film Roll
    Prices from £30.24
  4. Loburn Vase
    Loburn Vase
    Prices from £4.56
  5. Naseby Pot
    Naseby Pot
    Prices from £2.24
  6. Riversdale Jug
    Riversdale Jug
    Prices from £18.90
  7. Ferns Film Roll
    Ferns Film Roll
  8. Bamboo Pins - 10.5cm
    Bamboo Pins - 10.5cm
  9. Bamboo Card Holders - 23cm
    Bamboo Card Holders - 23cm
  10. Jute Fibre Runner
    Jute Fibre Runner
    Prices from £1.77
  11. Dunedin Display Box - Clear
    Dunedin Display Box - Clear
  12. Botanical Retro Film Roll
    Botanical Retro Film Roll
  13. Carved Yew Vase
    Carved Yew Vase
    Prices from £8.75
  14. Papyrus Vase
    Papyrus Vase
    Prices from £9.07
  15. Granite Twist Vase
    Granite Twist Vase
    Prices from £9.07
  16. Ava Pot
    Ava Pot
    Prices from £3.82
  17. Ava Bowl
    Ava Bowl
    Prices from £6.49
  18. Ava Trough - 20cm
    Ava Trough - 20cm
  19. Calla Vase
    Calla Vase
    Prices from £11.45
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