Are you looking for florist sundries to help you create more eco-friendly floral designs?

In this category you'll find products that can be used for eco-floristry. They may be recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, or made from natural or recycled materials. See each product for more details including disposal advice.

Something you can do to work in a more sustainable way is reuse wherever possible. Why not browse our range of reusable containers

We're committed to working towards a greener future for our company and the wider floral industry.

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  1. Stachys Leaves - Pack of 100
    Stachys Leaves - Pack of 100
  2. Hessian Fabric Roll - 3m
    Hessian Fabric Roll - 3m
  3. Just Married Burlap Bunting - 18 x 20cm - 12 flags
    Just Married Burlap Bunting - 18 x 20cm - 12 flags
    Special Price £1.71 Regular Price £9.62
  4. Flat Moss - 500g
    Flat Moss - 500g
  5. Cinnamon Sticks - 1KG Pack
    Cinnamon Sticks - 1KG Pack
  6. Handtied Porto Bags
    Handtied Porto Bags
    Prices from £12.96
  7. Metal Pinholder
    Metal Pinholder
    Prices from £6.04
  8. Bamboo Card Holders - 23cm
    Bamboo Card Holders - 23cm
  9. Bamboo Mossing Pins - 4cm
    Bamboo Mossing Pins - 4cm
  10. Jute Fibre Runner
    Jute Fibre Runner
    Prices from £7.24
  11. Vesubio Vase
    Vesubio Vase
    Prices from £14.38
  12. Compostable Wrap
    Compostable Wrap
    Prices from £13.93
  13. Jute Fibre Wrap
    Jute Fibre Wrap
    Prices from £15.60
  14. Panuelo Vase
    Panuelo Vase
    Prices from £10.23
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