King's Coronation

On 6th May 2023, we will be celebrating the King's Coroantion!

Whatever your plans, flowers will probably be a big part of the celebrations, whether you are creating a table arrangement fit for a king or making flower crowns with your friends and family.

Here, we have put together a Coronation Collection, where you can fully embrace the red, white and blue theme and find all the floral supplies you need to celebrate like a true royal! You will find hat boxes, pots, vases, jugs and so much more!

Happy celebrating! 

20 Items

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  1. Aral-Bottle-Vase
    Prices from £16.21
  2. Flumet Vase
    Flumet Vase
    Prices from £8.79
  3. Elijah Milk Churn
    Elijah Milk Churn
    Prices from £7.40
  4. Mosaic Lined Pot
    Mosaic Lined Pot
    Prices from £2.27
  5. Mosaic Lined Bowl
    Mosaic Lined Bowl
    Prices from £2.96
  6. Mosaic Lined Jug
    Mosaic Lined Jug
    Prices from £9.86
  7. Frosted Film Roll
    Frosted Film Roll
    Prices from £30.00
  8. Elijah Jug
    Elijah Jug
    Prices from £7.50
  9. Elena Vase
    Elena Vase
    Prices from £4.14
  10. Pamir Vase
    Pamir Vase
    Prices from £6.03
  11. Metallic Wire
    Metallic Wire
    Prices from £5.04
  12. Amy Velour Ribbon
    Amy Velour Ribbon
    Prices from £2.63
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