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Here, you will find all of our new arrivals, all in one place! From gorgeous glass vases to charming ceramic pots - explore, browse and be inspired!

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  1. Napier Lined Basket
    Napier Lined Basket
    Prices from £6.38
  2. Eldora Vase
    Eldora Vase
    Prices from £1.75
  3. Tree Line Pot
    Tree Line Pot
    Prices from £5.85
  4. Grapevine Lined Pot
    Grapevine Lined Pot
    Prices from £5.15
  5. Camila Bottle Vase
    Camila Bottle Vase
    Prices from £2.75
  6. Lola Bottle Vase
    Lola Bottle Vase
    Prices from £9.07
  7. Isabella Vase
    Isabella Vase
    Prices from £5.41
  8. Evelyn Vase
    Evelyn Vase
    Prices from £2.29
  9. Carved Yew Pot
    Carved Yew Pot
    Prices from £7.79
  10. Carved Yew Bowl
    Carved Yew Bowl
    Prices from £10.90
  11. Carved Yew Vase
    Carved Yew Vase
    Prices from £9.14
  12. Meadow Pot
    Meadow Pot
    Prices from £9.07
  13. Meadow Vase
    Meadow Vase
    Prices from £9.07
  14. Granite Twist Vase
    Granite Twist Vase
    Prices from £10.90
  15. Ava Pot
    Ava Pot
    Prices from £4.58
  16. Ava Bowl
    Ava Bowl
    Prices from £7.79
  17. Ava Trough - 20cm
    Ava Trough - 20cm
  18. Calla Vase
    Calla Vase
    Prices from £13.74

Items 31-60 of 124

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