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The Spell Tree Table Centre

Difficulty: Beginner
Time Required: Approximately an hour

A Halloween centrepiece that would look great as a table centre or room decoration. The Mitsumata Branches are the perfect base to create such a unique design.

You'll also need:
Black Mitsumata Branches
6cm Mini Glass Bottles 6cm
Flower Glitter Black 150ml
Flower Glitter Gold 150ml
Flower Glitter Silver 150ml
Flower Glitter Purple 150ml
Organza Fabric Dark Orange 40cm x 9m
Metallic Wire Orange 0.5mm
Bullion Wire Black 0.3mm
Curly Wire Apple Green 25cm
Black Tissue Paper Roll 76cm x 51cm sheets
2m LED String Lights White
Honeycomb Cylinder Vase 30cm x 12cm


Step One

Place two of the branches in a tall vase, cover the vase using the Black Tissue Paper and for contrasting effect wrap the Dark Orange Organza around the middle of the vase. Using the Mini Glass Bottles, remove the lids and pour in your chosen glitter colour. Replace the lid and using the Black Tissue Paper cut circular discs to cover the lid and secure this in place with the Black Bullion Wire, the tissue paper will flute out.


Step Two

We cut the tissue paper edge to give it a serrated look. Attach the Small Glass Bottle (which is now a potion or spell bottle) to the Mitsumata Branches using the contrasting Orange Metallic Wire. Repeat this process with the different colours of glitter. An alternative to the glitter is the Apple Green Curly Wire which is a fantastic contrasting colour against the black.


Step Three

Pull the wire apart and push it into the Mini Glass Bottle allowing the end to curl out of the top and curl round the branches. Attach the bottle to the branches using the Black Bullion Wire (wrapping this wire around the neck of the bottle). Add the LED Lights for full effect.

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