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Suitably Spring

Difficulty: Beginner
Time Required: 45 minutes

These pretty pastel suitcases are a great addition to the home or for craft projects. Even better add flowers and give as a gift this Mother's Day. The vintage print of flowers and birds gives a traditional feel whilst the pop of pastel colours provides a modern twist.

You’ll also neeed:

An Echeveria Plant

Pink Germini

Pink Roses

Eryngium Thistle

Carpet Moss


Step One

Line the suitcase with cellophane and fill the container just short from the top with OASIS® Floral Foam leaving free a small square at the front. Fill this square with roots and some of the compost from the Echeveria plant. Secure the plant in place with Carpet Moss.


Step Two

Add the Roses to the design in a cluster, remembering to cut the stems on a sharp angle.


Step Three

Push one of the Germini stems low so that the head is almost resting on the floral foam. Place the second Germini at a higher position behind the first. Add a cluster of Eryngium thistle to the back of the design. Insert the Wooden Bird Pick into the floral foam to enhance the design.

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