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Seaside Spheres

Difficulty: Advanced
Time Required: 1 hour

Dreaming of sun, sea and sand? Well this fun seaside-themed design is sure to bring a little sunshine into your home! Using our gorgeous Bourges Vase, or any of our large glass vases, you can create this terrarium style display of leaf and berry spheres, nestled in sand and decorated with seashells, accessorized by a length of rustic rope.

You can either fill the vase with decorated dry spheres (as shown below) or soak a sphere and insert roses into it, as seen in the smaller vase pictured here.

Materials you'll need:

Eucalyptus leaves

Hypericum berries (or other berries)





Step One

Line the bottom of your vase with a layer of sand around 5cm or 2 inches deep. Place a few shells around the edge close to the glass so they will be seen. Cut a length of jute rope long enough to go around the top of your vase 3 times and leave two long ends. Tie the two ends in a knot and then tie a few knots along the length of the rope left dangling to create that nautical feel!


Step Two

To make the hessian and rope ball, simply cut a piece of hessian and wrap it roughly around the sphere. Next, wrap a length of jute rope round a few times, and pin in place with a few decorative pins such as our pearl headed pins. You could also use other fabrics - it's a great way to use up leftover scraps, and once you've learned the technique, you'll find you can use foam spheres or polystyrene balls in all sorts of craft projects!


Step Three

To make the stachys leaf and eucalyptus leaf spheres, layer the leaves over each other, laying them in the same direction around the sphere. Pin each leaf in place with our steel pins. The stems of the hypericum berries can simply be pushed into the foam to create the berry ball and add a splash of colour to your display. Now you can stack the spheres in your vase and decorate with extra curls of rope and seashells, then sit back and enjoy those seaside vibes!

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