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Rustic Ribbon Wreath

Difficulty: Intermediate
Time Required: 30-40 minutes

This impressive wreath looks so luxurious your house guests will think you spent a fortune on it from a trendy high street store - little will they know it took you just a few rolls of ribbon and a wire ring! It may look complicated at first glance, but follow our steps and you'll see it's actually quite easy to make once you know how. You can use any ribbons you like provided they are wired, and you'll need 10m of each ribbon. Mix and match contrasting ribbons to achieve the best look.

Top Tip: you can either use wire to secure the ribbon to your wire ring, or our secret weapon is cable ties! They give you a bit more flexibility when attaching the ribbon and are quick and easy to use. Black ones will be easier to hide.


Step One

Start with four rolls of ribbon in different styles (here we used two different tartan ribbons and a plain red one). Now for the fun bit; you need to roll together all the four rolls, alternating the styles / colours. Start by putting the four ends together then roll them all into a spiral to keep them together and neat and tidy. If your ribbon is less than 10m long you'll just have to join extra ribbon on the end - you can sew or glue ribbons together. Once your ribbons are rolled together, take the ends and cable tie the stack of four ribbons to the wire ring as shown in step two.


Step Two

Next, create a loop of ribbon (you can use your hand as a guide) and use another cable tie to secure the end of that loop. Don't tighten the cable ties fully so you have room to shuffle the loops if necessary. Continue in this way around the wire ring, making loops and securing them, until the ring is fully covered with some extra ribbon left to form the tail. To make the tail, create a large loop with the remaining ribbon, that when pulled taut is as long as you want the tails to be. Secure the end of the loop to the wire ring, trying to hide the loose end amongst the loops. Cut the large loop in half to create two lots of dangling ribbon tails. Trim the tails off at an angle for a professional finish.


Step Three

Once all your loops are secured and you're happy they are spaced evenly, turn the ring over and pull all the cable ties to the back of the design, tighten them, and chop off the long ends - wire cutters work well here. Now you can start fanning out your ribbon to make that gorgeous bow effect. Working your way around the ring, pull the loops of different ribbons apart from one another. Try to create a pattern of alternating colours, and make sure to spread them out wide enough to hide your wire ring. The finishing touch is to lightly scrunch your ribbon tails to crimp them, and add a wooden hanging decoration of your choice!

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