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Regal Red Root Bowl

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 20 minutes

One of the favourites from our new collection, the Kuwa Root Bowl is a nest of real wooden roots, interwoven to make an intriguing base that suits a whole host of designs. Lined with strong and durable polythene, the bowl is ideal for plants and foam-based arrangements and can be used again and again. The reds and golds used in this arrangement give the display a regal quality, and it's also delightfully festive; the perfect decoration to accompany the Queen's Christmas Day speech perhaps?

You'll also need:

Anthurium Midori

Red Gerbera Ballroom


Rose Naomi

Skimmia Rubella


Cymbidium Green


Step One

Start by soaking your brick of Oasis® foam. Then, cut it into chunks that will fit nicely inside the round bowl. The first stems to add are the ilex (holly) berries, then a large anthurium flower. We used a green one and gave it a hint of gold with our Aquacolor® spray in gold - it's a great way to add a festive touch to flowers, and being water based, the spray does not harm the flowers so they'll last just as long as they would usually.


Step Two

Next, insert the roses; cluster a few in the centre of the design, and have a couple of longer stems to one side, peeking up from the back to balance it out. These classic red roses are a variety called Naomi and are one of the most popular roses used in flower arranging. The delicate skimmia rubella can be added next - their foliage is ideal for covering up any visible foam.


Step Three

Add a cluster of Cymbidium orchids, then the red gerberas with stems long enough to poke through the foliage and insert deep enough into the foam, while the flower head still rests atop the arrangement. Add the wisps of asparagus leaf, sprayed gold with the Aquacolor® spray, so that they punctuate the whole design and spill out over the edge of the bowl in places. Finally, finish with some cinnamon picks for a festive flourish!

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