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Lilies and Dragons - with OASIS® Noir Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 20 minutes

In this step-by-step guide you'll see just how easily our new floral foam can be hidden within a design. Because of the light-absorbing properties of the black foam, gaps between flowers are less obvious and simply fade into the shadows. This means you can use fewer stems and less foliage, and still create something magnificent. Here we've used some of the nation's best-loved blooms in pretty pink shades to make a tall and impressive display that is a delight to behold!

You will need:

2 Aralia leaves (spikenard)

1 Robellini palm leaf (or similar)

1 branch of Soft Ruscus

2 stems of burgundy Snap Dragon

2 Sweet Avalanche Roses

3 Pink Lilies

4 Pink Carnations

2 Pink Anthuriums

8 Code Green Chrysanthemums



Step One

You need 1/3 of a brick of OASIS® Noir Floral Foam for this design. Using a brick knife and the provided cutting lines, it's easy to chop off a 1/3 portion of the brick. Once you've soaked your piece of foam, insert into an OASIS® Designer Bowl and secure with some pot tape. Now to begin your design, insert one Aralia leaf at the front right corner of the brick, and one at the back left corner. Then add your palm leaf stretching outwards from the left side of the design.


Step Two

Break the Soft Ruscus into sprigs and insert around the sides of the OASIS® Noir brick - you'll see now how easily the foam starts to fade into the background! Now to add the star of your design - a couple of towering stems of burgundy Antirrhinum (Snap Dragon). Next add one vertical stem of carnation next to the Snap Dragon, and one reaching out at the side with your palm leaf.


Step Three

Add lilies at varying heights at the centre of the design. Add your roses on the left and the pink Anthurium stretching out horizontally on the right. Add a couple more pink carnations to create a strip of them running through the design. Already at this point the foam is hidden, but the finishing touch is to add some Code Green Chrysanthemums between the stems of the other flowers just to give a more lush green base for the pink flowers to really stand out from.

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