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Icy Glow Pine Cone Baskets

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30 minutes - plus snow spray drying time

These rustic baskets of snowy pine cones with their frosty glow are sure to get you in the winter spirit! These baskets not only make a great seasonal decoration, they're also really fun to make; kids and grown-ups alike will love covering the cones with our OASIS® Holiday Snow spray-on fake snow! Our delicate fairy lights come with battery included so you can craft your baskets and start enjoying the effects straight away. As for the gorgeous jute roll, this is just one of many uses for this versatile festive wrap, which is available in two designs.


Step One

Line the basket with the jute roll by roughly laying it in, bringing a folded edge to the rim of the basket and pinning with pearl pins - you're going for a rustic look so it doesn't have to be too neat! At what will be the front of your basket, take a section of the jute and drape it over the edge of the basket to create an overflowing effect, and again pin in place.


Step Two

Spray a dozen or so pine cones with OASIS® Holiday Snow Spray, and while the spray is still wet add a sprinkling of Flower Glitter - the glitter will stick resulting in a sparkly snowy effect! The snow spray will take a few minutes to dry. You can fill the bottom of the basket with plain cones and have a mixture of snowy and natural on the top layer.


Step Three

As you fill the basket with pine cones, start laying your string of fairy lights in amongst them. Try to layer a few cones, a few lights on top, a few cones on top of them, more lights and so on. You can rummage, arrange and rearrange until you're happy with the effect. You should switch the fairy lights on while you're arranging to check you're going to get a good glow from your finished basket.

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