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Birds and Bottles Hanging Decorations

Difficulty: Beginner
Time Required: 5 minutes per piece

These cute little bird and bottle hangers are super easy to make and can be used to create a dreamy and delicate display for your wedding. There are so many options too as you can fill the bottles with whichever flowers, greenery or accessories will best suit your wedding theme. You could even use them as wedding favours by letting guests choose a piece from your display to take home with them at the end of your special day!

You'll also need:

Rosemary Sprigs




Step One

Cut some lengths of mossing twine of around 30-40cm (depending on your desired dangle length!). Using different lengths will give a more varied structure to your hanging display. Feed each length of twine through the hole in the top of each bird and tie a small knot. Your birds are ready to fly!


Step Two

Now for your bottles; loop one end of a length of twine around the neck of the bottle and tie off with a small knot. Make sure it is tight enough so that the bottle won't slip through once it's hanging. You can cut away excess string after your knot is secure to keep the design looking tidy.


Step Three

Time to fill your bottles! We used gypsophilia and sprigs of rosemary in ours, but you could use anything from lavender and sage for a tranquil summer setting, to frosted twigs for a winter wedding. Once your creations are complete all that remains is to find the perfect spot to hang them in your venue.

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