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Explore our Home & Gift range and see if something catches your eye to make a home-made gift for a loved one! Psst..our Hat Boxes are a popular choice and come in so many shapes, sizes and designs!

Decorate your home with our on-trend vases, pots, baskets and packagaing that you may not be able to find on the high street!

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  1. Hailey Glass Jar
    Hailey Glass Jar
    Prices from £3.57
  2. Elves Jute Bag
    Elves Jute Bag
    Prices from £2.80
  3. Cosmic Star Ribbon
    Cosmic Star Ribbon
    Prices from £7.70
  4. Layla Lined Pot
    Layla Lined Pot
    Prices from £4.12
  5. Mossing Twine Jute
    Mossing Twine Jute
    Prices from £20.90
  6. Emma Flower Bag
    Emma Flower Bag
    Prices from £22.88
  7. Fernside Leaf Pot
    Fernside Leaf Pot
    Prices from £3.11
  8. Naseby Pot
    Naseby Pot
    Prices from £7.25
  9. Panuelo Vase
    Panuelo Vase
    Prices from £10.23
  10. Vesubio Vase
    Vesubio Vase
    Prices from £14.38
  11. Littleton Vase
    Littleton Vase
    Prices from £14.38
  12. Raglan Vase
    Raglan Vase
    Prices from £20.58
  13. Westport Bottle
    Westport Bottle
    Prices from £2.21
  14. Tyrol Vase
    Tyrol Vase
    Prices from £2.25
  15. Tree Line Pot
    Tree Line Pot
    Prices from £5.85
  16. Camila Bottle Vase
    Camila Bottle Vase
    Prices from £2.75
  17. Lola Bottle Vase
    Lola Bottle Vase
    Prices from £9.07
  18. Isabella Vase
    Isabella Vase
    Prices from £5.41
  19. Evelyn Vase
    Evelyn Vase
    Prices from £2.29
  20. Eldora Vase
    Eldora Vase
    Prices from £1.75
  21. Albiez Vase
    Albiez Vase
    Prices from £22.65
  22. Balsam Bottle
    Balsam Bottle
    Prices from £4.05

29 Items

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