Hailey Glass Jar 20cm

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Simple and stylish, our Hailey Jar can be used for so many things! Fill with your favourite sweets, dried flowers, fairy lights or simply stick in some seasonal flowers to brighten up any room!

Also great for DIY weddings as you can personalise as you like with bows, wrap and accessories! 

Fabulous Features

  • Clear glass vase
  • Wide Bottle Style
  • Chocie of sizes
  • Ø:10 x H:20cm
More Information
Size Ø:10 x H:20cm
Material Glass
Other options:
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    Hailey Glass Jar 16cm
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  2. Hailey Glass Jar 26cm
    Hailey Glass Jar 26cm
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  3. Hailey Glass Jar 25cm
    Hailey Glass Jar 25cm