Floralife® Clear ULTRA 200 Storage & Transportation Concentrated Treatment 5L

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During storage and transportation, it can be tricky to keep flowers fully hydrated. Even if they are kept in water, stems can become blocked, inhibiting water uptake. So when flowers start looking droopy and past their best, it's time to hydrate them - and quickly!
  • Dosage: 5ml per 1L of water
  • All of the same great benefits as Clear 200 but two times more concentrated, meaning it will last twice as long, and your supply of flower food will take up less storage space.
  • Clear 200 is an ideal flower food for the 'conditioning' stage of a flower's life, when they must be kept fresh and healthy whilst in storage.
  • The Formula balances water pH.
  • Keeps stems free-flowing to aid hydration.
  • Provides just enough nutrients to flowers without encouraging buds to open prematurely.
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