Carrizo Wreath Grey 50cm

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❁ Woven wreath rings
❁ Available in grey or brown
❁ Choice of sizes
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❁ Woven wreaths
❁ Available in grey or brown
❁ Choice of sizes
❁ Easy to customise

Typical Uses

These lovely woven rings are a fantastic base for wreath designs. Customise with spray colours or glitter, wire in flowers and foliage, add Christmas decorations - make them your own!
More Information
Material Wood
Specific colour White
Size 50cm
Other options:
  1. Carrizo Wreath Grey 30cm
    Carrizo Wreath Grey 30cm
  2. Carrizo Wreath Grey 40cm
    Carrizo Wreath Grey 40cm
  3. Carrizo Wreath Brown 30cm
    Carrizo Wreath Brown 30cm
  4. Carrizo Wreath Brown 40cm
    Carrizo Wreath Brown 40cm