20 Easy Christmas Flower Arrangement Ideas for Your Home

20 Easy Christmas Flower Arrangement Ideas for Your Home

Fill your home with festive flowers this season and take inspiration from our list of simple Christmas floral arrangements! Not only do flowers brighten up spaces, but they also smell amazing, especially at this time of year with lots of spruce, pine, cinnamon and dried orange!

Not sure where to start with festive florals? Fear not. We’ve put together 20 easy Christmas flower arrangement ideas that will add some fabulous festive style to your home. From cute elves and gnomes to wintery textures and woodland themes, there is truly something for every style.

So jump in and read our ultimate list below. Don’t forget to let us know which design is your favourite!

20 Homemade Christmas Floral Arrangements

1.    Christmas Garland
2.    Fresh Flower Wreath
3.    Carrizo Wicker Wreath
4.    Pamir Vase Arrangement
5.    Eldora Vase Arrangement
6.    Zambia Vase Arrangement
7.    Balsam Bottle Vase Arrangement
8.    Twinkle Jug Arrangement
9.    Shiny Advent Cylinder Vase Arrangement
10.    Vesuvius Vase Arrangement 
11.    Rudolf Tin Trough
12.    Arwen Elf Pot Arrangement
13.    Colorado Pot Arrangement 
14.    Riversdale Tin Sleigh
15.    Crochet Pot Christmas Tree
16.    Festive Floral Hat Box
17.    Wintery Envelope Box
18.    Eaton Bag
19.    Rudy Bag
20.    Santa’s Boot

Simple Wreath and Garland Christmas Floral Arrangements

1. Christmas Garland

A floral garland is one of the most traditional and easy Christmas flower arrangement ideas that you can try at home! Create the fresh flower Christmas garland of your dreams with our OASIS® netted garland. Simply soak the Floral Foam garland and insert foliage and flowers of your choice. You need to keep a flow when creating a garland, so sweep foliage through the design and add a pop of colour with flowers and accessories. We went with red roses and berries for a traditional festive flair. Artificial Holly berries are a great option for a realistic look that is vibrant and easy to maintain. Now the decision is, where will you display your amazing garland? How about the staircase, fireplace or even above your doorway? 

Festive floral garland with red roses and thistles

Handy Hint: If you’re new to the world of Floral Foam (welcome!), we recommend having a quick read of our beginner’s guide to OASIS® Floral Foam

2. Fresh Flower Wreath

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to turn wreath making into a social event! You can teach yourself how to make a Christmas wreath in no time, so why not gather your friends and family and host your very own wreath-making night? Pick up an OASIS® Floral Foam Wreath and team flowers and foliage with treats and booze for a festive get together like no other. At the end, you can all show off your creations, vote for the best, have a giggle and go home with a DIY wreath to proudly display on your front door.

Fresh flower festive wreath with a red ribbon, cinnamon sticks, red berries and pinecones

3. Carrizo Wicker Wreath

Do you have lots of spare baubles that don’t quite fit on your Christmas tree? That’s what sparked this idea and is something a little different from our usual floral designs. All you need is our Carrizo Wicker Wreath, a handful of spare baubles, and some festive floral accessories. The Carrizo Wreath comes in two rustic colours – white or brown – so pick whichever style you fancy. We personally love the traditional red and gold colours with the brown wreath – what do you think? For this creation, we simply used floral adhesive to stick baubles, berries, pinecones and fragrant cinnamon sticks onto our Carrizo Wreath. Super simple and perfect for displaying indoors this festive season!

Brown wicker wreath decorated with cinnamon sticks, red and gold baubles, red berries and pine cones.


Easy Christmas Floral Arrangement Ideas with Vases and Jugs


4. Pamir Vase

Welcome guests with a floral greeting this season! Simply fill a vase – our favourite is the Pamir Vase in green – with festive blooms and place in areas around the home where guests will gather. Our favourite spot is in the hallway, so guests are greeted by the colours and smells of the flowers. Or, why not place them on windowsills or your dining room table? This is a super simple Christmas floral arrangement that still makes a statement! The Pamir Vase comes in a variety of colours too, so you can create something traditional or modern, whichever your style.

Green, translucent vase filled with festive foliage, red roses and thistles

5. Eldora Vase

For a super speedy homemade Christmas floral arrangement, you need a bud or bottle vase. Bud and bottle vases are perfect for dotting around your home and look beautiful with or without flowers. You can keep things simple with these designs, as it only takes a few stems to make an impact. Our Eldora Vases are a firm favourite at Home & Hobby and are one of our best-sellers! They come in three festive colours – red, green and blue! What will you pop in?

One small red bud vase next to a larger green bud vase. Both are circular with a ribbed design. The red vase has a single red flower inside and the green vase has some berries, cinnamon sticks and larger flowers.

6. Zambia Vase

If big and bold isn’t your thing, then you will love these cute little Zambia Bottle Vases. Simply cut and place single stems into the vases or you can even display them on their own, they are pretty enough! We love to pair Zambia Blue and Clear vases together to create a cute centre piece that will certainly catch people’s eye and create a wintery colour scheme!

One blue translucent vase next to a smaller clear translucent vase. The blue vase holds a large, pale pink rose, some foliage and small silver baubles hanging from twigs. The clear vase holds a white rose, and some festive foliage.

7. Balsam Bottle Vase

If no-fuss is your thing, then you will love our pretty Balsam Bottle Vases as they already come decorated with artificial flowers! You have the option to dot these around your home and display as they are, or you can get your creative juices flowing and add flower and foliage stems. Or, why not fill with fairy lights to create a warm, festive glow? We like to group all three sizes together and keep it simple by adding just a few stems to one vase. Sometimes less is more!

Three, green bottle vases of different heights. All three vases are decorated with wintery foliage and small pinecones tied around the neck. The tallest vase also holds red flowers and foliage.

8. Twinkle Jug

Twinkle, Twinkle! Add a bit of sparkle to your home this season with our Twinkle Jug. Simply pop in some fresh or dried flowers and display wherever you like. We love the sophisticated navy and gold colourings of this jug; we even have a matching milk churn too! Pop this in the centre of your dining table or in your living room and make a statement with a beautiful festive floral arrangement on Christmas day!

Navy blue Twinkle Jug with handle and a gold, starry design banded around the centre of the vase. The jug holds a full bouquet of foliage, thistles, yellow roses, cinnamon sticks and other small white buds.

9. Shiny Advent Cylinder Vase

Go bold this festive season with our Shiny Cylinder Pots. You can use with OASIS® wet Floral Foam or OASIS® SEC Dry Foam to create stand-out artificial or fresh flower arrangements. Or, you can simply pop in a plant or even fill the vase with pinecones or baubles. You can also decorate the pot however you like too – our velour ribbon would make a beautiful contrast to the pot or you could even spray paint it to your taste!

A shiny, cylinder, silver pot with a stunning festive dried floral bouquet.

10. Vesuvius Vase

Looking for a simple and elegant vase that you can use all year round, but will look especially beautiful with festive blooms? Our Vesuvius Vase takes centre stage. It was designed for almost any type of flower arrangement. We wanted to show off the vases versatility and filled ours with foraged twigs and branches for a gorgeous wintery aesthetic, and finished off with a pretty festive bow. You could even add baubles or fairy lights to your design, for something a little extra.

A clear, short vase wrapped with a icy blue festive ribbon and bow. Different sized and shaped twigs and branches create a winter, festive arrangement.


Fun and Unique Festive Floral Ideas


11. Rudolf Tin Trough

Our Rudolf Tin Trough makes for a fun festive table arrangement. Cut your OASIS® Floral Foam to size and soak. Then, pop the soaked floral foam in the Rudolf Trough (it comes with a waterproof liner). Once this is done, gather your flowers and foliage, cut to size and insert into the floral foam. Rudolf Trough comes in two sizes, so you can go as big or as small as you like with your design. Or you can display together to create a fun, festive display! This is an easy way to make turn a simple flower arrangement into something more Christmassy!

Two silver Reindeer-shaped tins sit beside each other on a brick wall. Both tins are full with beautiful, simple Christmas floral arrangements featuring white roses, pussywillow, cinnamon sticks, pinecones and foliage.

12. Arwen Elf Pot

Elf and gnomes are a cute addition to your home this festive season and our Arwen Elf Pot is so versatile. You can keep things simple and pop in a plant – our favourite this time of year is a festive Poinsettia or a mini-Christmas tree. Or, you can try something a little more challenging and re-create our flower arrangement featuring red and white roses. Cut and soak your OASIS® Floral Foam and pop into the pot. Then, cut your foliage and flowers to size and insert into the floral foam. We kept this arrangement quite rounded and placed in some baubles and pinecones for an extra festive twist!

Cute floral pot with a traditional elf design printed on. The elves have red hats, white beards and are holding red love hearts. A homemade Christmas floral bouquet blooms from the elf pot, with red roses, white roses, pine cones, foliage and red baubles.

13. Colorado Pot

Transform your home into a winter woodland this season! To achieve this natural look, we teamed our Colorado Pot (a white ceramic pot with a stunning forest fir tree pattern) with lots of green foliage, cream flowers and pinecones for texture. You can re-create this homemade Christmas floral arrangement by cutting and soaking your OASIS® Floral Foam and placing into the Colorado Pot. Then, cut your foliage and flowers to size and insert into the floral foam. Make sure to use two or more types of greenery to really enhance the look!

A white ceramic pot with a stunning forest fir tree pattern sits on a white shelf. Inside, there is a full easy Christmas floral arrangement featuring white roses, greenery, pine cones and more.

14. Riversdale Tin Sleigh

Impress guests this Christmas with this fun sleigh arrangement! It would look amazing in the centre of your Christmas table or in the hallway to greet loved ones. You could even display underneath your Christmas tree, filled with beautifully-wrapped gifts or pinecones and berries. To re-create this arrangement, cut and soak your OASIS® Floral Foam and place into the Riversdale Tin Sleigh (it comes with a waterproof liner). Then, cut your foliage and flowers of choice to size and insert into the floral foam. You can copy us and have the flowers flowing out of the sleigh. Or go big and create lots of height – let your creativity bloom!

Sleigh-shaped tin sat on a wooden surface and filled with a simple Christmas floral arrangement. There are pink roses, sleigh bells and lots of foliage.

15. Crochet Pot Christmas Tree

Welcome cosy vibes into your home this season with our Crochet Pot. Because the pot features a lovely textured surface, we kept things simple with this one and simply popped in a mini-Christmas tree. We then tied mini bows and bells onto the branches, just to give it a little extra festive cheer!

Red crochet flower pot with a potted, mini Christmas tree inside. The Christmas tree is decorated with small, red velour ribbons, gold sleigh bells and mini pine cones.

16. Festive Floral Hat Box

Hat Boxes not only make beautiful gifts, but they look fabulous when displayed in the centre of dining room tables or on windowsills. We have lots of colours available, so you will surely find one that suits your décor or taste. To recreate this easy Christmas flower arrangement idea for your home, use our Symphony Hat Box in Navy and head outdoors to forage for winter goodies, such a pinecones, acorns, leaves and berries! Line the bottom of the hat box with soaked OASIS® Floral Foam first to add height and to keep the fresh flowers hydrated. Why not try incorporating white roses and thistles as we’ve done so below? It creates a gorgeous, wintery style.

Navy hat box being held. The hat box is full with a homemade Christmas floral arrangement featuring large white roses, pinecones, thistles and more.

17. Wintery Envelope Box

Sealed with love. Floral envelope boxes make the cutest gift, but also look fabulous displayed on shelves and windowsills. Assemble the envelope box (they come flat-packed and with a waterproof liner) and insert soaked OASIS® Floral Foam. You can add as much festive foliage and flowers as you like – it doesn’t take much to make this arrangement look full! We finished our creation off with a sophisticated bow and some mini frosted pinecones.

Black and white envelope box with simple Christmas floral arrangement featuring white roses, white buds, holly leaves and foliage and a silvery-white bow.

18. Eaton Bag

Bring some bling into your home this festive season with our Eaton Bag in jazzy gold! It comes with a waterproof liner so you have the option to use with OASIS® Floral Foam and create a stunning, stand-out arrangement or simply pop in a festive plant. Poinsettia was made for Eaton – the perfect Christmas couple!

Two gold flower pot bags placed next to each other, and each potted with a small plant.

19. Rudy Bag

It’s all about Rudy! Our Rudy bags are made from a cotton and jute mix, and come with a handy plastic liner so you can use OASIS® Floral Foam to create a cute homemade Christmas floral arrangement. Display Rudy around your home or why not gift to a loved one? They can even keep and re-use the bag too! Or you can even pop a plant in Rudy or even use it as a cute gift bag. They look so sweet underneath your Christmas tree.

Two white cotton and jute mix bags with a black reindeer silhouette and a floral wreath print. A stocking of the same fabric and print hangs from a shelf. The two bags and the stocking are filled with floral bouquets.

20. Santa’s Boot

Oh no, Santa forgot his boot! Recreating this floral arrangement is a fun activity to do with loved ones and children. Use with OASIS® Floral Foam and create lots of height for impact. We love the pops of red and cream as they complement the colour of Santa’s Boot perfectly. Why not display on your doorstep to welcome guests – it will certainly be a conversation starter!

Large red Santa boot with white trim sits on the floor and is full of a gorgeous festive bouquet featuring red roses, dried pink flowers, berries, foliage and more.

We hope this jam-packed list of easy Christmas flower arrangement ideas has given you all the festive floral inspiration you need! Putting together a simple, homemade flower arrangement is a fun activity to try and will spruce up your home in time for the big day. Or, it makes a lovely, thoughtful gift. Just grab your favourite Christmas floristry supplies and enjoy!

Don’t forget to share your amazing creations with us on Instagram and Facebook – we would love to see them! 

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